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1 CryoSkin Toning/Slimming Session

This price is available for the SECOND 10 bookings. 

Scheduling will begin mid June and we will call you to schedule in the order we received your purchase! 

*We may contact you in the event that we sold 10 prior to you checking out to have the slight increase we sent in our email blast. The second 10 sessions sold are $200/session. (See the 3 pack for pricing available on a package of them.) 


Purchase is Non-Refundable. Sessions do not expire. 

Disclaimer/Please note: All sessions will begin the first week of July 2021. We ask that we are able to use before and after photos, you may screen the photos before hand as well (we will not show your identity unless you authorize) for future promotional purposes. 

CryoSkin Slimming/Toning Pre-Launch Special

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